Loony Bulldogs "Rammstein" (White Clowns Flubber)

Rammstein was born 10.08.2010 as White Clowns "Flubber". 

HD - ED - OCD - Sponylose - NCL free and Ichthyosis 0/0 -clear.

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Rammstein is a really happy and balanced dog, social with his pack, not specially handler soft but has a good prey drive. He has a big fighting spirit and would do anything for Dirk and he's a real good weight pulling dog also. A real working dog with perfect on-off button.


Work titles:


BH/VT, SPr1 mit TSB (Drive, Self-confidence, Ability to work under pressure) pronounced, APA Star2, APA European Champion 2015, WP3 UPF UK, WPX1 UPF UK

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