Our goal of breeding

The meaning of breeding in general


The meaning of breeding as controlled reproduction is designated for the purpose of genetic transformation in biology. Desired properties enhanced and undesirable characteristics are made to disappear by appropriate selective breeding. To achieve the goals, a genetic evaluation must be conducted by the breeder, for example after a performance test, and then targeted to intersect select individuals with desired properties (artificial selection) and on the basis of a cross plan with one other or to breed.

Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zucht

As a breeder one has a vision, a certain idea for his race. With it the personal, health and optical qualities which one would like to reach with his breeding are meant.This is described in general as a breeding aim.In the race-breed, this breed aim should move naturally within certain specifications, these requirements are described in the breed standard.


Our personal aim in the breeding, is a healthy, strong, athletic and work loving "Standard" American Bulldog (so-called "Scott-Type"). We attach particular importance to an open and friendly nature, and a good amount of prey drive. Here we will limit ourselves exclusively on on top health and characteristically flawless dog.


In our breeding program we will orient mostly on dogs, based on the old, original American Bulldog lines can be traced back.

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